AI-enabled Target Efficacy Assessment

Target Efficacy Profiling of Lipoprotein(a)

Using Pheiron’s platform to assess the efficacy of Lp(a) lowering therapy, we confirm prior studies and identify novel therapeutic opportunities.

Lack of efficacy is a major reason for late-stage clinical failure.

For many drug development programs, no animal models exist, and when they do, they often donot reflect human biology. Early trials are designed to get initial insight into the human safety and tolerability of drug candidates. However, they are too small to infer efficacy in the broaderpopulation. In consequence, many late-stage trials fail as the target is not right for the disease.

Using our platform to assess the efficacy profile of Lp(a) lowering therapy, we find clear therapeutic signals for multiple cardiovascular indications, including atherosclerosis and its complications, in line with the results of earlier studies. Our platform identified a total of 179 therapeutic opportunities across 13 disease categories.

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